Friday, June 18, 2010

I heard Seattle cops are cracking down on jaywaylking...

... and people are widely sympathetic to this. And here I thought I'd just moved to Seattle, not Singapore.

But, I tell you what, Seattle police. Feel free to try to ticket me for jaywalking. I hope you've been keeping up with your speedwork and hill training.


Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

People here are so funny! They never cross the street if they don't have a light. They wouldn't survive a minute on the east coast!

Al Dimond said...

Did you see the newspaper story that some 17-year old girl is being charged with assault against a police officer for trying to evade a jaywalking ticket? Supposedly she "shoved" him. Obviously I wasn't there and don't know exactly what happened, but (a) I'd be shocked if she initiated the physical struggle and (b) I'm completely shocked that the bit of the article I read was so sympathetic to the cop. INSANE.

Other than that, Seattle is a beautiful place. I think I'm going to live here a long time.