Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blackberry for fun?

I'll admit, I'm about as far from "the loop" as one can be on the subject of smartphones... so...

What's up with this new Blackberry BBM stuff? Do people actually do social networking on their Blackberries? Could they? Or is RIM just trying to sell bobos a business tool by showing it off as a social tool (and telling them they're the hipsters they desperately want to be)? I mean, my dad sent pictures from the Tetons on his Blackberry, but he got made fun of (by me, of course, but also by Mom).

I do find it somewhat ironic that Apple's marketing focuses more on the utility of its devices than RIM's. Probably both companies are fueling the self-delusion of their target market to some degree.

FOR THE RECORD: I now carry a cell phone but it's not mine, it's work-issued because we don't have desk phones at EB; also, I still don't know how to text and if you text me I'll probably call you back and leave a really long voicemail. So there.


olyphant said...

i love my smart phone. i love texting. i think it's great that your dad took pics with/sent pics with his phone. and i'm going to text you, just to throw you off. :p

Anonymous said...

your FOR THE RECORD makes me sad. much sadder than i was when i was out with my roommates and friends last night and found out my roommate's car had been broken into within 20 minutes of us arriving at the bar we had gone to.

this is NOT me complaining about said car being broken into, although, granted, none of my stuff was stolen bc none of it was in the car.

...but it is me trying to illustrate the degree of sadness i feel here. i'm tempted to ask you to never post about said cell phone again and to especially never give me the number and to let me repress that you ever mentioned it, but i'd rather you throw it off of something to drown, and besides feel guilty about the rest. except then it might cause environmental damage.