Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Agree with Jessica

1. Guitar (and, to a lesser extent, bass) have monopolized my music practicing time. I don't think guitar is my best instrument, or even the instrument I'm best suited to, but I don't have a lot of time to play music at the moment and I'm spending almost all of it on guitar and bass.

2. Number of times someone offered to sell me drugs in Chicagoland (in all the years I lived there): 0. Number of times someone has offered to sell me drugs in Seattle in less than half a year: 3. Twice weed and once acid. Twice on the Ave, once at the bus stop outside my apartment. People at the bus stop have offered to sell Jess weed also.

3. Also, there aren't nearly as many smokers in Seattle, but they have this annoying habit of lighting up right next to me while I'm waiting for a bus when I'm in a bus shelter with posted No Smoking signs. In one instance I was at 6th and Olive, where there are 6 benches right in a row, and all of them were free but the one I was sitting at. Some woman set her coffee down on the bench next to me, lit up a cig, and started smoking right in my face. srsly wtf ppl omg srsly. w. t. f.

4. I needed a new notebook a couple days ago, and Jess needed one too, so we went down to the U-Dub bookstore to do some serious shopping. One of the notebooks there said, “Hell is other people,” on the cover, which prompted Jess to recall that when she was in library school a bunch of people started wearing shirts that said, “I agree with Paul,” on the front and then some crazy bullshit by the Apostle Paul on the back. And she said she wanted to make a shirt that said, “I agree with Jean Paul” on the front, and, “Hell is other people,” on the back. We did get married for a reason (awww).

EDIT: 5. Oh yeah, one other thing. I wonder if, as smoking has declined, caffeine has picked up in popularity as our “safe” addiction of choice. I have no evidence for or against this, just something rumbling in my head.

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