Monday, December 13, 2010

My New Favorite Website

This is so awesome it actually makes me miss California a little. I love how the author notices things — that's how I want to explore and document the places I inhabit, and I usually fall short.

I remember a lot of the areas mentioned there, especially the parts around Alviso and Drawbridge. I used to run on the New Chicago Marsh occasionally, but I didn't know there was direct access to its trails, so I did the whole 14-mile loop including the whole Alviso Marina loop. The New Chicago Marsh is near the New Chicago area of Alviso, which has streets named after Chicago streets (including Grand Blvd., which in Chicago has been renamed after Martin Luther King). New Chicago was something of a real-estate swindle, thanks to which we have one of the few parts of the San Francisco Bay left mostly undeveloped. Good to know the old Chicago ways can do some good every now and then.

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