Friday, January 7, 2011

Smorgasborg day

1. I don't have a lot to say about this, and it's sort of technical, but this blog post goes some way toward explaining why the Internet doesn't feel all that fast, despite gaudy bandwidth capabilities.

2. Also, from Slashdot, an article about whether dolphins should be considered persons and thus have rights. Based on how human persons treat each other, I'd say that in order to secure their rights as persons dolphins will have to present proof of citizenship — or, failing that, become a corporation.

3. Is it wrong that I don't like it when spec documents are given to me in Excel format?

4. I've been following some discussions over baseball's Hall of Fame, mostly in the Sabremetric community. I've been trying to waste less time and energy on that sort of stuff, but, you know, last verse of this song and all, what am I gonna do? Anyway, entrenched positions on the Blyleven candidacy have become truly silly over the last few years, and now are finally over. So, a few days late, I'll weigh in. Maybe one reason there's such a gap between Blyleven's aggregate stats (basically anything that's summed up without regard to the start and end of games) and his W-L record has to do with the distribution of runs given up per-start? Given his ridiculous number of shutouts, he might have a different-looking distribution than most pitchers, and really might not be as good as his aggregate stats in terms of winning games. Even if that's true, Blyleven might deserve to be in the Hall anyway...

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