Saturday, April 9, 2011


So one of the more interesting websites to follow is The Oil Drum, because knowledgeable and smart people post there. Anyway, some sorts of peak oil discussions remind me a bit of eschatology. Are we or aren't we in the End Times, and if so, which part?

Some people place a lot of importance on their eschatological beliefs. This seems weird to me. Wouldn't one live by awfully similar principles regardless? I might say the same thing about the notion of the Trinity, something a lot of people have argued and ultimately died over, something that to a large number of people is sacred dogma, that just doesn't matter very much in how one is to live.

Anyway, I see a lot of that in peak oil discussions. When is Peak coming, what will Peak look like, how will we live after it, who are the elect?

The elect aren't the chosen ones, but the ones that choose.

(said the little glass of whisky)

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