Monday, July 18, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

Jess and I are probably going to find a new place to live pretty soon, and the timing of the situation is one of these frustrating things that's forced us to make a decision affecting us for the next year based on quite temporary circumstances. We currently live right by a freeway entrance, in what's something like a small border vacuum. It's a very convenient location because it's close to one of the few bus stops useful to get to my workplace, and it's a pretty quick walk to both the U District and Wallingford commercial districts. Unfortunately it's not a very pleasant place. The freeway is loud, and there's an abandoned lot next door that, along with the large number of people passing through, make it a haven for panhandlers. Most of the panhandlers are alright (I got some gardening advice from one dude), but a few are drunk and violent, and there's a constant stream of litter coming from the bus shelter. And then there are the drug dealers, though it's not quite 3rd and Pike.

Long story short, we've been hoping to move soon, but not too far. We were hoping to make the decision where and when to move in about a month, because in a few weeks we'll know some things that could significantly open up our apartment search. But our lease is ending mid-August and we can't go month-to-month. We're near the University, where the yearly leasing cycle is very regular, and our landlord, understandably, doesn't want to try to put a unit on the market midway through September or October. So we have to seek out a year-long contract, either here or at some other place, before knowing whether we're still going to be as constrained geographically.

My last job search had some similar elements to it; I was waiting on some companies, and others were waiting to hear from me. There was one point where my parents were visiting Jessica and me in Wyoming, and I knew I'd be moving in little over a week, but I didn't know which state I'd be moving to! In these situations I feel like I'm stumbling around the country, rather than making intentional decisions about my future. I guide the stumbling steps as well as I can. And I've ended up in a city I like (despite all its flaws), married to someone I love a lot, doing things I like to do. Maybe I really have all the control anyone could expect to have, maybe more.

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