Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Laurie Anderson for the win

When we lived in Cody it used to drive Jessica crazy that people would give directions like: "Go down the hill, then it's over pretty close to where the old post office used to be." I was just at Golden Oldies records in Wallingford browsing for new old CDs (and maybe later LPs), and I picked up the Laurie Anderson album Big Science. One of the songs starts with Laurie giving directions somewhere by reference to things that will be built in the future. I'd quote from the song but my CD player can't go back (to make a long story short, that function can only be performed with the remote, which was lost in a hotel room in Spearfish, South Dakota; I could probably get a replacement remote, but I've generally been OK with the limitation).

I think that's it.

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