Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Before this stupid meme utterly runs its course...

The “Binders Full of Women” Meme: a Thorough Analysis

by Al Dimond, noted Republican strategist and PR flak for the Tr'Oly Rollers


  • Barack Hussein Obama (natch)
  • by extension, his constit'chency (is you or is you not it?)
  • by extension, downballot Democrats and socially permissive ballot measures
  • The Internets (alllll three of 'em!)
  • The Terrorists (if you put women in binders The Terrorists Win!)
  • Ru Paul


  • Willard Mitt “Mittens” Romney
  • by extension, his constit'chency
  • by extension, downballot Republicans (but not as much as the Democrats if that makes any sense... which it doesn't... unless there's a credible 3rd party... iunno...)
  • ... and prudish or anti-tax ballot measures
  • Political Discourse (he's dead, Jim)
  • Hope for bridging the partisan divide (see above)


  • Women. Because they're bound.

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