Sunday, February 24, 2013


Via the great Human Transit, here's a map of where people “miss connections” in every state.
  • There's a Walmart belt, and it's right where you might think it would be.
  • Arizonans miss their connections at LA Fitness while Californians prefer 24-Hour Fitness. I feel like LA is one of those places whose name signifies something totally different to people that live there and people that don't. What other places are like that? Vegas? Nevada does miss connections in casinos, though I wonder how many of those were visitors. I think I've mostly lived in places where locals and outsiders have similar ideas of the place.
  • Rhode Islanders miss connections in parking lots and Coloradans in gas stations. I guess I can understand how that might happen. But Georgians miss connections in cars? Someone call Frank Lloyd Wright, somehow the social context has transcended the windshield.
  • Wisconsin and North Dakota miss connections in bars (so does Vermont). But in between them, born-to-be-mild Minnesota misses connections in supermarkets.
  • I like some states' unique entries. South Carolina, at the football game. Natch. Oklahoma, at the state fair!?! I had to look this up — does Oklahoma have an unusually long state fair, or do Oklahomans only fall for mysterious strangers one week out of the year? It looks like their state fair park is in OKC and hosts events all year, so most of the missed connections are probably at other events.
  • Indiana has both the most boring and inexplicable entry: at home. Come on, Indiana!
  • As Nathan Vass says, in Seattle (and apparently Portland) the full 99% ride the bus.