Sunday, December 4, 2016

These are lyrics.

They are probably the best lyrics I've written in a long time. Unfortunately the music I've written for them is simultaneously boring and too hard for me to play. So I'll probably record this song at some point but it will be really bad. Also, if you were wondering, yes, it is an homage to The Sun Also Rises with all the Pamplona/bullfighting stuff replaced by Chicago and dentistry. Because my dental visits have a sense of ceremony analogous to... um, anyway... in the spirit of the novel, if you think you're in this song you probably are (not really, it's all made up).

Steven you know my generation's lot's the mess that yours left after
Steven I've been back to Chicago two times since the laughing gas disaster
To feel the newfound menace in those brick walls that now seethe
The Madhouse dentist would not see me, she just ran upstairs and screamed through my teeth!

Midwest punctuality starts at fourteen and ends at the Edens
So I was on my third beer as the trumpets tuned their bell impedance
She burst in with her painted troupe but not her jealous lover
To say nothing of her husband whom she fought just like a brother, I say

Every time I've seen you since the summer of oh-five
You just reminded me how you don't exist and left me on the stairs for alive

We rode up to the west side, bidons full of makeshift absinthe
She, her husband, and her lover, so I fucked off to play Go Fish
On return my friend the organist had the chant at breakdown tempo
My companions drunk as I was, front teeth busted from the endo

The hygienist did the cleaning with her stiff grey scrubs and picks
Then the floor cleared for the dentist, long coat gleaming white with a smudge of red lipstick!
On the lapel!

(instrumental bit to break up the wordiness)

A jar of tonsils left along the Wood Street underpass
We should all stay on the west coast where we all admit we're never gonna last

(more instrumental)

The calls came in collect for me, I never could refuse them
She saw my good nature and my lack and only once confused them
Oh that's just my self-delusion, she was always gonna make it
That's why she can tease my injury while I just beg to fake it, she said

Every time I see you, since the summer of oh-five
You just remind me how you don't exist and leave me for alive!
On the stairs!

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